Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Write 5 sentences about your family

Post 5 sentences about your family.


  1. 1.I have three children and three grandchildren.
    2. They don't live with me.
    3.My son'house closes me at West Portal District.
    4.My younger daughter'house at Mill brae District.
    5.They always come to my house on weekend.
    by Judy

  2. 1. My parents live in Indonesia.
    2. My brother and my sister live in Indonesia,too.
    3. I live in San Francisco with my friend.
    4. My mother likes to cook.
    5. My father fixes cars.

    by: Riri

  3. There are three people in my family.My husband,My daughter and I.My husband works in a hotel , My daughter studies in UC.I'm unemployed .

  4. My family lives in San Francisco.
    They are all married.
    I am living by myself.
    The family is very good.
    I am a student.
    by Mrs. Go

  5. I have three children in my family.
    I have one grandson and two granddaughters.
    I am a widow.
    I live by myself.
    I feel lonely.
    By Janice Lee

  6. 1.I live with my husband and my daughter.
    2.I talk my daughter to school every day.
    3.My husband work at a construction company.
    4.MY daughter is in second grade.
    5.I'm study at city college near my daughter's school. We are came to school together,after school I will pick up my daughter at 6:00 PM.

  7. My husband likes to walk around for exercise.
    My son likes to garden in the back yard.
    My daughter is hard-working.
    My grandson is going to school.
    My granddaughter goes to work every day.
    by suzhen

  8. 1.My family lives in Daly City.
    2.I have four sons and two grandsons.
    3.My sons all are engineers.
    4.The older grandson is a high school student.
    5.On Sunday, my family eats dinner together.

    by Pik Yi

    1. I have four brother and one sister,my mother and my sister live in sihanoukvill,i live in phnom penh with my brother,i study at sisowath high schooll grade 11k... by sun sireyvuttak

  9. 1 My husband and I live in San Francisco with two
    2 They are all working now.
    3 A older daughter is working in San Francisco.
    4 A younger daughter is working in Mountain View.
    5 My husband and I are retired.

    byLai Ming

  10. 1 My family lives in San Francisco.
    2 I have a daughter and son.
    3 My daughter lived in New York.
    4 My mother lived in China.
    5 Every year I went to see them.

    by EVA IP

  11. I have two sons.The older son is 18 year old,He is go to City College.
    The younger son is 15 year old, He is go to High school.
    I and my family live in San Francisco.
    I make breakfast for my family every morning.
    My husband drive to my son to school every day.
    My husband is electrician.

    by Fung Siu Chan

  12. 1.My wife working to day.
    2.On lest Sunday ,My family and i going to park.
    3.My children don`t eat rice.
    4.My sister to go china next week.
    5.My father off to day,he`s cooking at home.

  13. My husband very enjoys sleep.
    My daughter was a petty girl.
    I don't have a job.
    I have a bag family.
    I like to talk to my friend on computer.

  14. My family has lived in SAN FRANCISCO about thirteen years.
    Four years before my elder son lived in Burma.
    My younger son is in the army.
    My daughter, my husband,and I live together.
    Now my husband, my sons and I live in SAN FRANCISCO.
    Now my daughter lives in L.A.
    By Shirley.

  15. My family has ten people.
    My mother, sister, husband, and 3 daughters.
    My husband is a bus driver.
    My daughter is an accountant.
    Another daughter works at AT&T.
    I am computer student.(I am unemployed. Now I learn English

    by Cindy Truong

  16. 1. My family has six people .

    2. I have two daughters in college, one in high school, one in middle school.
    3. I call my daughters when I have time.
    4. I go to school from Monday to Friday.
    5. I do the laundry on Sunday.

    by kee chiu

  17. My wife lives San Francisco with my children.
    My wife works in the Hilton hotel.
    I am driving my wife to work.
    On weekends we are going to the park to exercise.
    On every Sunday my family goes to a restaurant to eat a big dinner.
    by Cowboy Kuan

  18. My family came from China.
    I am a grandfather.
    I had three grandsons.
    I live with my third son's daughter-in-law and granddaughter.
    We are very happy to live in the United States.

    by Huanji He

    y family is came from China.

  19. 1 I have a daughter.
    2 I am married.
    3 I live in San Francisco.
    4 I have a sun-in-law.
    5 I have 3 brother and 6 sister.

    by Michelle

  20. I have a happy family.
    My family lives in San Francisco.
    My children go to school.
    I go to school too.
    I cook for my family every day.

  21. 1.I have two daughter.
    2.My family and i live in San Francisco.
    3.My wife work three days a week.
    4.I get up at 7:00 Am.
    5.We`re happy in U.S.